FREE Bonus Material to Help You Read Through Will It Fly

The Will It Fly? Companion Course is an add-on bonus to my book, Will It Fly? Consider it sort of like a fun and helpful read-along that allows me to serve you even better!

Several chapters in this book include thought-experiments and exercises to help you find and validate a business idea that works for you. To enhance your reading experience with Will It Fly? and to help you implement what you learn faster, you'll find helpful bonus and supplemental materials here in this free chapter-by-chapter companion course.

Hi, I'm Pat

Here's Why I Created the Will It Fly? Companion Course

If you've already picked up my book, thank you! If you stumbled upon this page without getting the book first, I highly recommend you click here to go to Amazon and pick up a copy of Will It Fly? to make sense of all the material here in this free companion course.

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  • What You Will Learn
  • 10,000 Students and Counting
  • Course Info

    A Free Course Flight Boost

    The Will It Fly? Companion Course was designed to give an extra oomph to those aspiring business owners testing out their business idea with the book, Will It Fly?

    • Start date: Whenever it's good for you!
    • Course length: The length of the course is up to you. Take your time, don't stress it.
    • Bonus items, including downloadables, videos, and exclusive interviews.
  • What You Will Learn

    Your Testing Ground

    In five comprehensive parts, you will find out what it really means to...

    • Conceptualize and understand your business idea.
    • Further refine and define your idea down to the most minute detail.
    • Discover where your idea should live, from market to niche and customer P.L.A.N.
    • Actively validate your business idea so you're ready for your first customer!
  • 10,000 Students and Counting

    Join A Community

    More than 10,000 students have benefited from the Will It Fly? Companion Course. That makes me so happy.

    But it's also not surprising to me. There are so many amazing ideas out there. But not a lot of those ideas make it off the ground because of a lack of proper validation. With this course, take your idea through the proper validation and watch your business idea fly high!